The m/other voices foundation for Art, Research, Theory / Dialogue / Community Involvement is an internationally active, Netherlands based non-profit organisation. Its activities transverse the interconnected fields of social, political, cultural, economical and  philosophical issues and structures of our times. 

The organisation has currently no structural funding, nor a physical location of its own and it's daily running is currently done by a handful of committed volunteers using whatever resources are available. 

Examples of the activities and programs the foundation has organised & initiated in 2015: 

Should you wish to make a donation to the m/other voices foundation you can indicate a specific program -or focus area- for which you wish your donation to be used for. You can also simply make a 'general donation', which will be used where needed the most. 






When making a donation you can choose to make a general donation towards the daily running of the foundations activities or you can choose for your donation to go towards a specific activity. For more information please visit our donations page.