The Mothernists II: Who Cares for the 21st Century? is the second iteration of The Mothernists, a transatlantic summit & art exhibition first held in The Netherlands in June 2015 and which brought together the work and thought of practicing international artists and art historians for the cross pollination of art, philosophy, and maternal theory, practice, and experience.  It was co-organized and co-hosted by Astrid Noacks Ateliers and the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and was made possible through the generous support from the Danish Arts Foundation, Copenhagen, and Centrum Beeldende Kunsten Rotterdam. The Mothernists- series is the brainchild of Lise Haller Baggesen (Mothernism) and Deirdre M. Donoghue (m/other voices) and it combines their two long running projects concerning artistic and academic research into maternal (aesth)ethics. The 1st edition was co-produced together with Upominki, Leeszaal West and PrintRoom in Rotterdam and was kindly supported by Gemeente Rotterdam and the many volunteers who contributed their time and skills to help make The Mothernists I happen. 


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