Excursion: Queensize

Friday, April 29, 2016 / 11:00am  2:00pm  
Arnheum Museum
Utrechtscheweg 87
6812 AA Arnhem,

An Excursion to visit the exhibition Queensizea curated selection of works by female artists from the Thomas Olbricht Collection.  Queensize has previously been shown at me Collectors Room Berlin and is curated by Nicola Graef (documentary film producer and director) and Wolfgang Schoppmann (chief curator of the Olbricht Collection). Visit to the exhibition will be followed by lunch and a discussion over the exhibition and its framing of female experience/s, amongst other topics that come forth from the visit. To register for the excursion and for more detailed information please send an email to info@mothervoices.org by Monday, the 25th of April.

Arnhem Museum & m/other voices



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